• Teacher’s welcome reception for all registered teachers
  • Registered teachers will have access to all classrooms
  • Teachers will receive priority seating for the Showcase.
  • Adjudications will be released to Studio Owner/Directors ONLY.
  • The teachers’ only class will feature classes to challenge each teacher rhythmically, technically, and stylistically as well as classes to give you tips and tricks to share with your students and add to your tap teaching repertoire.
  • Discounts will be awarded for complimentary teacher registrations based on the following:
    • 5-10 dancers1 teacher free
      11-15 dancers2 teachers free
      16-20 dancers3 teachers free
      21-25 dancers4 teachers free
      35+ dancers4 teachers free plus a complimentary 2-night stay in the host hotel
    • ** Observers and scholarship winners should not be counted when determining your number of complimentary teachers.
    • ** RESONANCE will make the hotel reservation for a 2-night stay in the host hotel for a 2 double bed room. Please provide RESONANCE with the name for the reservation upon registration.
  • Create an account (or log in using your current account)
  • Add the dancers and observers who will be in attendance at any of the RESONANCE dates.
  • Select a location, add the dancers who will be in attendance in that city, and click START TO ADD ROUTINES.
  • Select an ENTRY TYPE (Teacher 2-Day, Teacher 1-Day, Advanced 2-Day, Advanced 1-Day, Intermediate 2-Day, Intermediate 1-Day, Mini, Observer, Improv Challenge, Showcase Performance) and ADD NEW.
  • Select and add the dancers who will be participating in that specific class.
  • In the NOTES section for the convention classes, please list any dietary restrictions or allergies for the dancers in this level.
  • In the NOTES section for the Improv Challenge, please note T-shirt sizes for each participant.
  • When all dancers have been selected and notes completed, click SAVE ROUTINE.
  • Repeat for each additional entry type.
  • When adding a Showcase Performance, you will be asked for information about your piece(s) such as Title, length, teacher and choreographer.