• All performers taking part of the adjudicated showcase MUST be registered for the full 2 days of convention classes. The only exception is for MINI aged dancers, who must only be registered for their appropriate level of class.
  • All routines submitted for the adjudicated showcase must be performed in some style of TAP only. All other genres of dance will be eliminated from the showcase.
  • Any size group is permitted to showcase with us, from solo to production number.
  • Numbers do not necessarily need to be completed or costumed. This is your opportunity to showcase what you are working on and get feedback from qualified TAP dancers and teachers.
  • Dressing rooms will be provided for those who choose to perform in costume.
  • There will be no formal award levels, but there will be special judges awards for things that stand out, such as technique, rhythm, musicality, use of space, etc.
  • Age division guideline are provided so the judges can accurately provide feedback for your pieces. Dances will not be scored against one another in any way.
    • MINI: AGE 5-9
    • ADVANCED: AGE 14-18
  • Absolutely NO videography or photography will be permitted during the adjudicated showcase.
  • Admission to the showcase is FREE, but audience members should remember that each submission to the Adjudicated Showcase may be in varying degrees of “doneness” as this is an informal showcase format.
  • Props are allowed providing the studio is able to set up and take down any prop or set piece in no more than 2 minutes (1 minute before and 1 minute after) the piece. No dangerous props are to be used (sharp blades, heights of more than 6’, fire, etc), and the stage must be clean and clear of all debris within the given setup and tear down time.
  • All numbers must perform in the specified sequence unless the Stage Manager gives permission for a change.
  • Dancers should be ready for their number 45 minutes prior to their scheduled time.
  • Each performer and audience member releases their image to be used in photographs and videos for any and all RESONANCE purposes.